The Belgian offers chocolate for every mood and every occasion. 

For the younger generation and for those young at heart. For those happy sky-is-the-limit moments and the drama feelings. As a sneaky treat for yourself or to indulge your loved one. A chocolate for sunny birthdays and rainy working days.


The “The Belgian” brand reflects the traditional chocolate making expertise  from Belgium and has built a strong reputation amongst chocolate lovers throughout the world.

Founded in 1956, The Belgian Chocolate Group, a family-owned company, is a well-established manufacturer and exporter of premium chocolate products, offering high quality at attractive prices. All the products are made in our 2 modern production sites which are both based in Belgium.

We are passionate about chocolate! Our team of driven top-chocolatiers are masters in creativity and innovation. They keep on coming up with more delicious recipes and eye catching combinations, every time.



"Premium Belgian chocolate that transforms an everyday moment into a royal surprise"










We care

We care about our employees, about the society, about the environment, about our chocolate, … . That is why we work together with sheltered workshops and have launched our very first organic range.

We are also participating in VOKA's charter for sustainable development. This means we are taking actions to reach the sustainable development goals that are set up by the United Nations. These goals contain economical, social and ecological aspects of sustainable develment and means we want te help to make the planet a better place for all who is living on it.




The Belgian across the world

The Belgian is sold in almost 100 countries. From time to time, everyone desires delicious chocolates. After all, we offer chocolate for every mood and every occasion.

The Belgian across the world